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Textile Refiners

Sustainability and Ethics


‘You design while thinking of the people who work on extracting the stones, so it’s a totally different energy . . . Why should the creation of dreams and luxury turn into a nightmare for the people who are providing the raw material?’

Van Riel wants to make an important contribution to making the textile industry more sustainable. By offering high-quality innovative processes that positively impact the footprint of the end products. Currently that industry grossly fails to address its lack of attention for our planet.

Textile Industry Sustainability
Van Riel’s processes focus on making the textile industry more sustainable. Also at earlier or subsequent links in the supply chain. For example, we contribute to the increased sustainability of end products through the chlorine-free Riel-Feltstop and with our Riel-Natural Dyes. 

Refining Fibres and Yarns 
Van Riel believes in a textile industry that does not leave behind a negative footprint for future generations. We offer high-quality and innovative processes that positively impact the footprint of the end products. Our ‘natural refining’ of fibres and yarns is another example of this.

Human Capital
Sustainability is a task of people. That is our conviction. In that respect no person is worth more than another. It is exactly the diversity of people that helps us move forward in the world. That is why we appreciate our employees as well as our partners within the supply chain. We reward them in accordance with fair standards and encourage our people to develop themselves. In the end, it is human capital that should lead us to a sustainable society.

Social Responsibility
As much as possible, this is something we also request from parties that we collaborate with: employees, customers and suppliers. Nearby but also far away, in countries where social responsibility may not be dealt with in the same way. 

After all, the earth is something that matters to us all!

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