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‘It wasn’t just their innovative strength that made the difference, but also Van Riel’s contribution to our sustainability. For example, by making wool washable without the use of chlorine.’

With Riel-Natural Dyes, Van Riel has spent the past ten years specialising in highquality dyeing with natural dyes. We are a pioneer in this new and extremely sustainable discipline. The results of natural dyes are no less than those of the synthetic options.

Sensational in Natural Dyes
The natural dyes in combination with clean resources, ensure sensational results. RielNatural Dyes produces the same result as synthetic dyeing in the areas of lightfastness, rub fastness and wet and dry wash fastness.

Plant-Based Sources
Natural dyes come from plant-based, non-fossil sources. Plants that grow on the land of European farmers. These farmers do not use harmful pesticides. The production of natural dyes does not require pumping oil from the ground, meaning less impact on earth. 

Advantages of Using Natural Dyes
Natural dyes and resources also have an important advantage over the synthetic versions in usage: they are not toxic. This way they contribute to responsible processes, healthy emissions and ecological end products that do not negatively impact the health of people, animals and the planet.

Rise of Natural Dyes
Van Riel expects natural dyes to start making huge advances in the dye market over the next decades.

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