Textile Refiners



‘It’s important to pay attention to what you’re wearing, where it came from and how it’s been made.’

As expert in refining yarns and fibres, Van Riel is the excellent partner for the fashion industry. Making fashion and production processes more sustainable are high on the agenda. Van Riel is able to contribute positively within a large part of the fashion supply chain, under application of unique processes that contribute to high-quality products.

Sustainable, Shrink-Resistant Fashion
A sustainable application in the fashion industry is Riel-Feltstop. In this process we make wool and other animal fibres washable. The treated fibres are suitable for use in outdoor clothing, such as coats and trousers. Even cashmere clothing can now be washed without any problems, no shrinking or loss of quality. The result is sustainable fashion.

Natural Dyes
Van Riel also contributes to making the fashion industry more sustainable with Riel-Natural Dyes. That is because Van Riel is a pioneer in dyeing with clean, natural dyes. These have an important advantage over their synthetic counterparts: they don’t use heavy metals and are not toxic. That is why natural dyes contribute to end products that are responsible for our planet and the health of people and animals alike.

Wool and Nylons
Natural wool or recycled nylons, dyed only with colours and dyes that nature offers from renewable sources? Van Riel supplies them.

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