Mission and Vision

Textile Refiners

Making Textile Industry More Sustainable


‘The collaboration with Van Riel made our organisation more sustainable. This especially applies to our products. Thanks to a combination of Riel-Recycling and Riel-Feltstop we marketed products that are both successful and differentiating. And they also contribute positively to the environment.’

We see contributing to textile industry sustainability as our task. Van Riel Textile Refiners strives for a future in which we do not take more from the earth than that we give back. Where pollution and wastage no longer exist. And where human and agricultural exhaustion and exploitation are a thing of the past.

Fair and Clean
A future in which all textiles for bedding, fashion and interior design are produced fairly and cleanly. That is Van Riel’s ideal situation. A future in which production does not impact our planet and our wellbeing, but contributes to it positively. 

Van Riel achieves this future by actively contributing to making the textile industry more sustainable. This is done in collaboration with like-minded parties: our stakeholders and eco-partners. Together we strive to reduce the ecological footprint of the textile industry.

Our eco-partners are, among others:

  • Oeko-Tex
  • Baur-Vliesstoffe GmbH
  • Dutch Sustainability Association
  • International Wool Textile Organisation
  • Australian wool Innovations
  • Wools of Holland

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