Textile Refiners



‘Working with Van Riel means: less of a burden on our production process, good quality and always the right delivery at the right time. With Van Riel, a deal is a deal.’ 

Riel-Recycling collects, treats, sorts and recycles ‘waste’ from spinners, weavers and tufters. We believe that waste does not exist; because it is very suitable as new raw material.

Recycling Carpet Industry
Riel-Recycling processes pure wool, but also synthetic waste material such as polypropylene, nylon and PES. This way waste from production of wool and synthetic carpets is reused. Whether we are talking about geëffilodreerde or gegarenetteerde polypropylene waste, about synthetic yarn waste cut loosely or at length; we process it and ensure a new, sustainable destination.

Reuse in Interior and Bedding
The recycled semi-finished goods are suitable for reuse in interior textiles. For example, on floor or wall. Or for production of bed textile, such as blankets. 

Waste is the New Raw Material
Van Riel has a good reputation in recycling for the textile and carpet industry. The company always strives for more sustainable processes. The motto is: There is no such thing as waste. Because waste is a new raw material.

Centre of Belgian Carpet Industry
Van Riel is located in Temse, the centre of the Belgian carpet industry, a stone’s throw from Antwerp, Ghent and Kortrijk. Not much further one can find the Dutch textile and carpet industries of Tilburg, the Achterhoek, Hasselt and Genemuiden. And just at the other side of the water there’s Yorkshire. An excellent operational base for recycling overproduction and waste from ecopartners in the industry!

Hoogkamerstraat 335, P.B. 62
Industriezone TTS - Zone A
9140 Temse, België

Telefoon: +32 3 771 0989
Fax: +32 3 771 2453
Email: info@vanrieltemse.be