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Interior: Flooring & Fabrics


‘Working with Van Riel means: less of a burden on our production process, good quality and always the right delivery at the right time. With Van Riel, a deal is a deal.’ 

Van Riel is an important supplier for the interior design market and the carpet industry. We therefore have extensive knowledge of the colours of various substrates. From just several batches of base ingredients we can create thousands of colours.

Dyes for the Carpet Industry
Riel-Dyeing dyes yarns on cones, hanks or just loose fibres (flock). We made a name for ourselves in the carpet industry with flock dyeing. This is a process during which we dye the washed, clean wool before we spin it into yarn. Then we create new, composite colours from the various colour batches. This is done by blending the colour batches in certain proportions. We do not spin the yarn until after this. 

Thousands of Colours
This is the method by which Van Riel creates a portfolio of thousands of different colours from just a limited number of colour batches. The choice in colours of yarn is therefore enormous, while making efficient use of the resources and stocks. Thousands of colours with just a handful of SKU’s on the shelves!

Natural Dyes
Riel-Dyeing contributes to highly sustainable enterprising thanks to the use of natural dyes, in the development of which Van Riel has years’ worth of experience. The high standards of fastnesses of naturally dyed yarns are equal to those of yarns dyed with synthetic dye. Van Riel’s natural dyes received a Cradle to Cradle certificate.

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