Van Riel Organisation

Textile Refiners

Van Riel Organisation


‘We brought products to market that we couldn’t have developed on our own. This can in part be attributed to Van Riel’s innovative capacity and the developmental process that we went through together.’

Van Riel Textile Refiners is located in Temse, a central location between the major centres of the Belgian carpet industry. Our company boasts 15,000 square metres of production halls and warehouses.

In addition to Production, the following departments are located in Temse: Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Research and Development, Sustainability and Finance.

Van Riel has its own laboratory. Here we perform research to new and innovative standards, that help in executing our mission.

Van Riel Brothers
Van Riel is a relatively flat and effective organisation. It is managed by the brothers Alain and Didier van Riel.

Hoogkamerstraat 335, P.B. 62
Industriezone TTS - Zone A
9140 Temse, België

Telefoon: +32 3 771 0989
Fax: +32 3 771 2453