Riel-Feltstop – Washable Wool

Washable Wool

Riel-Feltstop – Washable Wool


‘We brought products to market that we couldn’t have developed on our own. This can in part be attributed to Van Riel’s innovative capacity and the developmental process that we went through together.’

Riel-Feltstop is a process, unique in the world, for the treatment of wool and other animal fibres. The treated fibres are washable, shrink resistant and chlorine-free. They do not mat. This also applies to the end products that the fibres are processed in. The result is permanent and is achieved in a sustainable way.

Washable Wool
The treated, washable wool is perfectly suitable for application in bed textiles, for example in washable pillows and duvets. The treated fibres can also be used in the fashion industry, for example as insulating material in outdoor and ski clothing, meaning they stay shrink resistant.

Riel-Feltstop does not use chlorine or other harmful substances, which ensures more sustainability in the production process. Fibres treated with Riel-Feltstop also do not produce any scent or dust. This is in contrast to many fibres that have undergone a different treatment. With chlorine-free, washable fillings your product will distinguish itself from those of your competitors.

Fibres that have been treated with Riel-Feltstop carry the Riel-Feltstop label and, additionally, are Oeko-Tex certified.

Other Treatments
In addition to Riel-Feltstop other treatments are also possible, such as: 

  • Anti-moth
  • Ultra-Fresh™ (antifungal and antibacterial) 
  • Hercosett

These treatments are also Oeko-Tex certified.

Riel-Feltstop is unique in the world. Through this treatment we are helping end users in among others the fashion industry in producing sustainable products.

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