Textile Refiners



‘You design while thinking of the people who work on extracting the stones, so it’s a totally different energy . . . Why should the creation of dreams and luxury turn into a nightmare for the people who are providing the raw material?’

Riel-Depigmentation removes pigments from fibres. This leads to a lighter colour fibre. It is suitable to be coloured with (natural) dyes.

Depigmentation Fibres
Riel-Depigmentation is a unique process for discolouring fibres. The special treatment does not degrade the fibres. This means that the softness of the material can be maintained. Less valuable batches of fibres cab be upgraded by depigmentation.

Different Fibres
Riel-Depigmentation is suitable for discolouring different natural fibres, including ‘noble fibres’, such as wool, cashmere, yak, camel and alpaca.

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