Textile Refiners



‘What if the choices you make today have an impact on all of us tomorrow?’

Van Riel’s unique production processes form a high-quality basis for the production of bed textiles. At various levels, with varying prices and with unique fibres and characteristics. 

Bedding - Wool and Synthetic
Van Riel produces bedding such as duvets and pillows from sheep and alpaca wool. A high-quality product, made from the best raw materials from Belgium and The Netherlands. For filling, consider spheres, for example of washable wool. In addition, Van Riel supplies synthetic high quality fillings in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each filling has its own unique fibres and characteristics.

Pillow Filling
Riel-Spheres are a perfect filling for a comfortable pillow or four-season duvet. Wool spheres ─ and the end products that they form part of ─ are washable after a RielFeltstop treatment.

Ideal Partner Bed Textiles
Van Riel is the ideal partner for resellers in the production of bed textiles. Both those in the special offer and competitive price segment and those in the high-end segment for retail and hospitality.

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