Textile Refiners



‘At the end, it all will be good. And if it’s not good, we’re just not at the end!’

With Riel-Dyeing, Van Riel has decades of experience in high quality dyeing of wool and other fibres. We guarantee an excellent result on any substrate: animal, plantbased, synthetic or recycled fibres. Fully customised to your specifications. 

Specialities Riel-Dyeing
We are specialist in:

  • Flock-dyeing: Dyeing loose wool, which we then blend into different colour combinations. This method is suitable for building up a portfolio of colours.
  • Hank-dyeing: Colouring the spun yarn in various hank sizes (up to jumbo-hanks). 
  • Cone-dyeing: Cones or coils are brought to the desired colour level.
  • Garment-dyeing: Dyeing fabrics and readymade fashion items, such as jeans and shirts.

Sustainably Dyeing Fibres
It is our mission to contribute to a sustainable dye industry. For years Riel-Dyeing has been turning its back on harmful resources. Instead we look for clean processes and resources. This can be translated into the use of natural raw materials and dyes and optimal purification facilities. With Riel-Natural Dyes we would like to be an example to the industry and encourage fellow organisations to make the industry more sustainable.

Dye and Health
Why do we do this? Dyeing processes are under pressure worldwide because of their harmful effect on our planet. This especially applies to nondegradable substances, such as heavy metals. In addition, many dye substances also contain elements that have an impact on people’s health, both during the dyeing process and while using dyed fibres.

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