Textile Refiners

Riel-Feltstop – Washable Wool

Riel-Feltstop is a process, unique in the world, for the treatment of wool and other animal fibres. The treated fibres are washable, shrink resistant and chlorine-free. They do not mat. This also applies to the end products that the fibres are processed in. The result is permanent and is achieved in a sustainable way.

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With Riel-Dyeing, Van Riel has decades long experience in high quality dyeing of wool and other fibres. We guarantee an excellent result on any substrate: animal, plantbased, synthetic or recycled fibres. Fully customised to your specifications. 

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Riel-Natural Dyes

With Riel-Natural Dyes, Van Riel has spent the past ten years specialising in highquality dyeing with natural dyes. We are a pioneer in this new and extremely sustainable discipline. The results of natural dyes are no less than those of the synthetic options.

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Riel-Depigmentation removes pigments from fibres. This leads to a lighter colour fibre. It is suitable to be coloured with (natural) dyes.

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Riel-Bleaching is a treatment for bleaching natural fibres. It gives the input material a lighter shade.

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Riel-Dust-Removal and Riel-Sorting

Riel-Dust-Removal and Riel-Sorting refine wool and other fibres into a homogenous intermediate or end product that can easily be processed. Delivered to the next link in the production chain will take place in secure and sustainable packaging.

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Riel-Spheres processes both animal and synthetic fibres into spheres. These are of highquality and have proven spring power. 

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Riel-Recycling collects, treats, sorts and recycles ‘waste’ from spinners, weavers and tufters. We believe that waste does not exist; because it is very suitable as new raw material.

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