Riel-Dust-Removal and Riel-Sorting

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Riel-Dust-Removal and Riel-Sorting


‘Call it ‘eco-fashion’ if you like, but I think it’s just common sense.’

Riel-Dust-Removal and Riel-Sorting refine wool and other fibres into a homogenous intermediate or end product that can easily be processed. Delivered to the next link in the production chain will take place in secure and sustainable packaging.

Quality of Wool
Fibres as input material are often not suitable for processing into a fully finished end product. There is often dust in the wool after washing, or different types and sizes have been mixed. This affects the quality of the later steps in production and therefore on the quality of wool as end product. 

Advanced Working Method
We possess advanced installations that remove dust, knock, blend, sort and open the fibres. This creates a perfect intermediate or end product. We repackage this according to your requirements. Therefore, you choose the most suitable size and shape for the rest of the process.

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